CLÁUDIO COUTINHO TRACK: Nature and healthy lifestyle

Located in the beautiful district of Urca, very near the cableway that leads to the Sugar Loaf and the Escola Superior de Guerra (Superior School of War) (which grants an extra security to the area), the Cláudio Coutinho Track is a great oportunity to ally nature to a good walk.

The route could be considered very light, around 1km (0,62 miles) and another 1km to return. The whole path is paved and signalized so there´s no need of a guide or similar.

Parking there has been easier, but nowadays we don´t recommend going there by car. We suggest parking at Rio Sul (a near shopping mall) or somewhere near and then taking a bus or taxi to get there.

TIP 1: In case you choose to go by car, we recommend that you arrive early and search for parking slots in the streets of the district.

The nature is amazing beacuse the track goes between the sea and the atlantic forest with all the benefits of this ecosystem. Plants, flowers, insects and the famous micos (do not feed the wild animals).

A mico

TIP 2: Take water and sunscreen with you. There are many places where you can appreciate the landscape. And it will be a lot more enjoyable if you are not thirsty.

Besides the main trail, there are many smaller and more complicated ones, therefore, do not venture without a guide.

If you have anymore questions, please, feel free to leave a comment and we´ll awnser as soon as possible. Good DiversãoRJ to y´all.

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