Who, among those who like soccer, wouldn´t like to know the most emblematic stadium in the world? Passing through the trophy room, hall of fame, locker rooms, and finally entering the magic lawn of Maracanã?

Realizing this dream or desire is not complicated and the DiversãoRJ team will show you step by step how to accomplish it.

A shirt of the biggest idol of Flamengo, Zico


The best way to get there is by Subway or Train (Maracanã Station for Both). Follow the ramp to the front of the Stadium and then in the direction you will leave in parallel with the main road (more cars passing, no mistake). Access is very close.

Guided Tour tickets at the beginning of 2019 are costing R$ 65.00 (full price) and R$ 32.50 (half price). The unguided tour is a bit cheaper but I think it is not as interesting.

Visits can be made every day, hourly from 9am to 4pm. On game days, the tours ends at 3 hours before the beginning of the match. How about going to both events?

People visiting the stadium´s lawn.


Whoever goes to the stadium can get to know one of the locker rooms, decorated with shirts of clubs that compete for the A Series of the Brazilian Championship, player´s warming room and press conferences rooms. In the locker room, a video with historical football plays, serves as foreshadowing for the best point of the journey: the entrance on the lawn. Upon reaching the edge of the sacred stage, participants can even sit where the bench players stay during the matches. In addition to the lawn, visitors will also be able to see items related to players who have made history in the stadium, such as Pelé, Mané Garrincha and Zico. There is on display a number 7 shirt from Brazil used by Mané tn the 1962 World Cup and the ball and net from the thousandth goal of the King of soccer, Pelé (Vasco vs. Santos in 1969).

The tour features news pieces, such as objects provided by Zico that promise to be successful among soccer lovers. Top scorer in the history of Maracanã, with 333 goals the Galinho de Quintino donated articles from his private collection for the re-opening of the tour, like a Flamengo shirt worn in 1979; the world champion track by Flamengo in 1981; the ball of the last game of the his career, by Kashima Antlers (Japan), in 1994; and a boot that he used when he played for Udinese (Italy).


It´s a very enjoyable ride for the whole family. The region is relatively quiet and the surroundings of the stadium are not very dangerous. As everywhere in Rio de Janeiro avoid boasting handsets and expensive cameras.

To know more about the tour you visit or site clicking here.

If you have any questions leave it in the comments and good DiversãoRj!

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