BÚZIOS: A pearl in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Everyone knows that our state is filled with wonderful beaches, but, for most people, the existence of a place even prettier and most charming than other carioca beaches is unknown.

Located at a peninsula, with cold water at one side and warm water at the other and near the city o Cabo Frio, Armação de Búzios (or just Búzios) is the prefered destintion for artists and nature lovers.

Ferradurinha Beach

During the day, enjoy one of the dozens of beaches (from the most lively ones to the more quiet ones) and, at night, visit the charming Bardot Shore (Orla Bardot) and the Rua das Pedras (downtown Búzios) where you can find a huge variety of restaurants.

TIP 1: If you enjoy more lively places, your best destination will be Geribá and João Fernandes beaches. But if you prefer more quiet and reserved ones, you should visit Ferradurinha and Tartaruga (turtle) beaches.

If, during the daytime, the beaches are the best places to have fun, at night it gets better. Dozens of bars, restaurants and a couple of night clubs make your decision of where to spend your night a bit harder than you might think.

Some restaurants in Rua das Pedras

TIP 2: If you´re with your family and wants something easier, a simple and pleasant walk at Rua das Pedras, ending at Bardot Shore, will be enough to end the day perfectly.

TIP 3: Stay in hotels near the downtown, so you don´t have any problems visiting the Rua das Pedras.

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