Localized almost 4 hours away from downtown Rio de Janeiro, Paraty is a coast city with an incredible historical archtecture and a wonderful diversity of restaurants.

TIP 1: Avoid the road to Paraty at night. It´s filled with sudden turns and it´s narrow and dark as well.

The city offers a huge variety of attractions, such as the Mamanguá Beach, a night walk through the historical beaches and wrapping it up with the amazing gastronomy.

Another good possibility is to rent a traineira (similar to a fishing boat) directly from the pier and visit the islands and shores near the city. We found a vídeo from #RoadTrip that shows some options of what to do in Paraty. (In portuguese)

During the month of July, the city has it´s biggest event, the Festival Literário de Paraty (Paraty´s Literary Festival), FLIP. If you don´t enjoy this kind of events, you should avoid the city because it gets very crowded.

A fun fact about the city is that it´s streets were projected to be cleaned by the sea. So, when the tide rises, the sea invades the city cleaning it.

Soon we´ll post some more information about hotels, restaurants and more. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and good DiversãoRJ!

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